Now we’re officially official!

9 06 2011

We want to thank everyone for checking our blog, and for the support. As of now we have 25 subscribers and over 2,600 views!
So, with great excitement, we are happy to forward the article from the Watertown Daily News about our trip. Hope you can all give it a read. (The Watertown news covers most of St. Lawrence county, and events around Canton and the University are often included.


The Famous Rough Water Gypsies!!!

7 06 2011

The guys trip will be featured in an article in the Watertown Daily Times tomorrow, June 7, don’t miss it! ┬áIf you are not in the North Country, you can catch it at

We thought we were tired until we saw the Missisquoi.

5 06 2011

With two good days behind us we have made it to Enosburg Falls, VT. Hope to be in Canada soon!
“Upstream is just as it sounds, not as fun as portaging.”

Last night on Champlain?

3 06 2011

Big night and day today! We were visited by Alli, Caylen, Maddie, Olivia, and Alex last night… What a s’more show! The gypsies want to extend a gypsy thank-you for the re-ration, the fine ale, the company, and the good laughs!
We were extremely glad we crossed south hero yesterday, as the wind would have been unmanageable otherwise. We are currently situated on the tip of North Hero island, and the weather tomorrow looks perfect for the final short trip to the mighty mouth of the Missisquoi and a push for Swanton.
In other news, we ran into Nicole Grohoski, the first female through paddler in 2006, today. Quite the coincidence.

That one time in Plattsburgh. Photos from 5/31

3 06 2011

Under blue skies and a huge eagle, the Rough Water Gypsies gave it their all and made it to Plattsburgh. Leaving canoes and signature blue gear barrels by the shores of the Saranac river, they spend their time doing what they do best: just being a hilarious bearded rag tag bunch of scrunched up drifters with tired bones yet excited hearts. Ah yes, these lads are really doing something special.

These photos were taken in the waterfront park right in downtown Plattsburgh. Lake Champlain peaks out from under a railroad bridge close by. Water levels still crazy high. Everything is great.

Guest photographer and writer: Grant Haynes

The elements of lake crossing are as follows:

2 06 2011

Wind: after a layover due to a heavy breeze the boys got an early start and rode the waves across the lake. We skirted Cumberland Head and crossed south of the ferries, paralleling their course.
Water: the water was waving, the waves were willing, with them at our back the crossing was thrilling.
Earth: surfing our way into land, we disembarked with a bit too much gusto and Ev and Alex felt that a small hole in the hull would help cement the occasion in our memories. A quick three mile portage later the gang is sitting in Vt’s state park of the year (2010, and 2011 hopefully). We expect a few friends from Burlington as we wait for the canoe repair to finish!
We’re pumped to be in our second state, and we can’t wait to start paddling upstream.

Plattsburgh… again.

2 06 2011

Grilling on the beach at Plattsburgh tonight. At four this morning the waves were rolling, so we slept off the night on the town and took another rest day.
The chops are done, the weather tomorrow is variable, and hopefully we’ll get out without our tent getting soaked by waves again.