Leaving May 24th, four young friends from St. Lawrence University are attempting the entire Northern Forest Canoe Trail as a “through” (meaning non-stop) paddle.  The expedition is comprised of Wes Norton and Alex Comeau, two recent grads, with Silas Streeter and Evan Haynes, two rising seniors.  All four adventurers lived in the St. Lawrence Outing Club together, in addition to being Outing Program Guides for the University.

Beginning around February, Wes began to throw around the idea of taking the trip.  He started to do research and kept bringing it into conversations.  As the weeks passed, (and with the conversion of Silas to the cause) plans began to form to paddle the length of the trail this summer.  And finally, an approaching graduation, severe drought in job offers, and general procrastination and disinterest in other plans coalesced into a single, unified, motivation for Alex and Evan to join-in.

That’s the story, so here’s to one great adventure!

Brief Bio’s:

Wes Norton:

Wes Norton on the rooftops of Kenya.

A graduate of St. Lawrence University’s class of 2011, Wes Norton hails from Peaks Island off the coast of Portland, Maine.  He was an Environmental Studies major, who also studied in Kenya while in school.  An avid sailor and trip taker, Wes deserves credit for first finding and committing to the Northern Forest trip.  He did much of the beginning fact-finding and planning that lead to the full trip of two canoes.

Evan Haynes:

A young Evan Haynes.

Evan is entering his final year, and is currently majoring in the Fine Arts.  In addition to having studied in Italy, he has always been excited to take trips of any length, including a NOLS (the National Outdoor Leadership School) course and several prominent back country ski adventures. Until now, he has been an avid hiker, snowboarder and mountain biker.  And as an Adirondack 46’r, he has contributed to the groups planning and managing group systems.

Silas Streeter:

Silas, the proud American.

Also entering his Senior year, Silas has a double concentration in Math and Environmental Studies.  Silas is unarguably the group’s paddling and white-water maven, with a wealth of canoe and kayak experience.  He was a part of the planning from the beginning, and his experience as a guide and competent outdoorsman make him an essential member of the group.

Alex Comeau:

Alex looking out for fun!

A member of the class of 2011, and the final Laurentien, Alex graduated with a degree in the Fine Arts.  Also a 46’r, he is no stranger to long expeditions having completed a NOLS semester.  Although coming from a hiking and rock-climbing background he is excited to make a foray into the world of canoeing, and to spend an appreciable amount of time in mother nature.


4 responses

2 06 2011
Carolyn McNamara

I scrolled down to leave a comment and found my daughter Carolyn’s e-mail already typed in but no comment. Don’t know what happened to her, but this is Lisa-Billy Mac’s mom. I wish you guys lots of luck and good weather. Mass had a tornado today-hope you did not. Am intrigued by the NFCT-it goes right by our Sugarloaf Ski condo and the Maine Huts and Tails lodge at Grand Fall. Stop in at the lodge and let the friendly folks there know what you are doing! LMM

2 06 2011
tom duca

160 down, that’s 1/4 of the way there!!! yipee, have fun, bugs what bugs??? eat chocolate and think of what you’ll be doing when you are 44, 55, 66 and 77 years old. never soon enough to think about your future!!!

7 06 2011
Scott and Linda Coons

met the 4 rough water gypsies , last evening . kind of weary guys, were glad to no they were in stevens mills vermont just 2 miles from canadian border, let the guys camp on our lawn just a step out of the mighty missisquoi. keep up the good work guys, youre trek is long keep the wind at youre back when needed and the wind in youre face with grace. good luck with youre endeavors/ Scott and Linda

8 06 2011
Erin Griffin

Hey team!
Your adventure looks amazing! I actually live RIGHT on the Northern Forest Canoe Trail in East Charleston VT at the Northwoods Stewardship Center – on the Clyde River. If you can, let me know when you’ll be rolling through – I can walk to the river from my house. It would be great to see you guys. I can (and will) bring chocolate and beer.
802-723-6551 x15 (work phone, no cell service!)

Safe travels and hope to see you out on the water,
Erin Griffin

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