Last post from on the trail?

23 06 2011

Well we’re in the last town with a grocery store today. We paddled 18 miles and did a 5 mile portage too – talk about getting ahead!
The plan is to reration and buy a new canoe yoke (Kim might have broken the last one by sitting on it) tomorrow morning. Including tomorrow we should have one full week of paddling lakes and rivers down-stream. Thanks everyone for your support, and in a week you can expect a concluding post, a ton of pictures we haven’t had time to post, and a page of tips for other paddlers.
Not over, but out-
The Rough Water Gypsies




5 responses

23 06 2011
Katina Daanen

Am VERY interested in getting some tips. I leave next week, but will be looking you up when I can. Did you make it through the fen? Also wonder about the Nulhegan–another section paddler gave me an update and advice. Did you paddle it? Hope you are having a great time despite broken yokes and a little rain!

23 06 2011
Scott and Linda

Well sounds like youre journeys end is near, youre name was probly justified, (rough water) was well rendered Im sure. Good luck and keep paddling///////// The COONS family

23 06 2011
Aunt Jake

Thanks for sharing your adventure with us. Prowd of you all for sticking with it. Finish strong.
Evan we will be on Peaks Island July 1 -4. Hope we can meet up with you.
Aunt Jake and Uncle Al

25 06 2011
Mark Lowell

Hey Gypsie Guys,
What you’re doing is really impressive! Day after day, paddling upstream in what must still be fairly high flow. You are showing the strength of America, making the world safe for Democracy, and bringing peace in our time. Speaking of time, you don’t have much left, so as OC adviser, I’m advising you to savor each day, minute, bend in the river, black fly, lap of water, etc.
Keep on keepin’ on!

27 06 2011
tom duca

go gypsies, go!!!!! yeah!!!! you are truly MEN !!!!!

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