Under Pressure: a post from a week ago

21 06 2011

Title: Under Pressure

Low pressure: big rains, the gang’s been wet for three days, at the mercy of the system. But we won’t wilt, nor will we wither away, we’re just gonna keep on working our way down the windin’ river.
Economic pressure: system’s gettin’ us down again. Spam prices on the rise, looking like they ain’t ever gon’t stop. However, if we were bettin’ men, we would invest in some of that dam hydroelectric power stock. Plenty o’ water coming down that river.
High pressure: we had to get down on our knees and do some lightning quick thinking. Lordy, some times we do our best work on our knees.
Peer pressure: sometimes in the group system someone’s got to get forced to do something. Makes people plain plum pooped for no reason, then they get into making each other run around and do crazy things. Tomorrow’s Wes’ day to wake up early and make coffee.
Sinus pressure: no sign of one yet, but if we do we know Frank’s Red hot’ll clear it right out.
Pressure drop: got nothing else.

Update: met Kim and Echo on flagstaff, all is well in the world! Good friends make the time fly…



One response

23 06 2011
Abi "Gail" Clark

Woooo hoooo!
Just spent the last 40 minutes reading your blog and thinking about how freaking cool you guys are. I am so proud of y’all and am glad you are having the time of your lives. Stay happy, healthy and hydrated. Best of luck with the last leg of your trip. Go gypsies go!
Abby “get ‘er done” Clark

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