In Maine and still kicken!

18 06 2011

Well now!  It’s been a while since our last post, but this one has to be short due to time constraints.

We toured through the rest of VT in about three days after Newport, and finished some difficult upstream battles with a nice cruise DOWN the Connecticut.  That left us in New Hampshire, and with two or three wet upstream days we struggled into Maine. The last week has definitely been one of the hardest pushes we have ever experienced as a group, and certainly personally as well.  Wet weather, upstream rapids and 1-14 hour days has left us drained, but finally on schedule to finish around July 1st.

We plan on making it to Flagstaff the day after tomorrow, and then to five-dollar, all you can eat, fish and chips meal in Portland on the Friday before the Fourth…   Everyone is doing well, and Wes’ foot looks pretty good (repeat MRSA???).  We have the drugs, the technology, and the will-power to drive on. Tied on a few beverages last night, and got some much-needed diner breakfast this morning.  We restocked six days of food here in Rangely, and now we need to make a quick four-mile portage to some more palatable waters (the Dead River).

We hope your summers are as smooth as ours has been, and your dinners are as paddle-able!



P.S. there are three steps to a canoe carry over two miles.

step 1. Take the heavy stuff first and focus on the difficulty of the carry, in order to be in the moment and make time move faster.

step 2. Speed walk back to the lighter gear, and pay close attention to seeing things from the opposite direction, or in better detail than before.

step 3. Take the last load, and know that with each step you never have to look at this exact surroundings ever again.  Dismiss it from your mind completely, leaving only step 2 in your memory.




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18 06 2011
Lisa McNamara

Say hi to Sugarloaf and the backside of the Bigelows for us. You will also go right by the Maine Huts & Trails Flagstaff “Hut” and the Grand Falls “Hut’. The nice folks at both might have a treat for you if you are nice. I have read all your posts and think they (and you) are GREAT! Lisa (Billy’s Mom)

18 06 2011
Kyle M

have fun up there, really good fishing on the dead if you get a chance, especially around grand falls and spencer stream. they call it gods country up there

18 06 2011
camden Holland

Glad to hear it RW Gypsies! I’ve been thinking about you guys in my travels on the Cape and of course, Chuck’s house in the Bahamas for a little bone fishing. I can imagine that you guys are so dialed that you won’t know what to do with yourselves once your off the water. Live up the simple life, I’m sure you guys are making an art form of it. Can’t wait to hear about the first guy to sleep in a wet sleeping bag, portage excerpt is hilarious. May the sky shine blue, wind blow from your back and the stars shine at night.


P.S. keep the red side down

19 06 2011
Proud Follower

yes! you guys are my hero and im very proud of you for taking on this conquest for the greater good of humanity. Martin luther king, Ghandi, Tim horton, The moon landing team, every generation brave souls embarks upon some conquest, one timeless penetration into the books of history the leave the world a truly better place than they were born into. You are these people. The people that legends are made of, those that autobiographical novels are written about, and those that continue to wake up every morning and drink white americans with their bacon. Thank you.

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