Face time after Canada.

13 06 2011

The photo archive is herby current up to the 1/3 mark of the trip and has been entrusted to B-man for editing, annotating and posting, but he takes no responsibility for the accuracy of place names, events portrayed, spellings or current job descriptions.  The writer found the international paddlers after they camped in bucolic Gardner Park in Newport Vt, at the end of lake Memphremagog.  Shortly thereafter they chiefed a full load of BBQ as a pre dinner snack.    The poundage was advertised as enough for 12 wide bodies.  The Voyagers, proudly flying liberated SLU colors, were in wicked high spirits, fit and getting stronger and full of great stories about their adventures.   They have carefully provided photo documentation to attest to their wilderness skills as well as proper safety and medical measures taken to dampen parental apprehension to the contrary.  It is remarkable, when looking at the map, to realize how far they have come under their own power, old school – without wheels for the portages!




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14 06 2011

Alex and Friends ~ Your mom just told me of your excellent adventure and how to follow your progress on line. I’ll stick with my Harley for a trip that long! You guys ROCK taking on this task. Best of luck to you all. Cousin Michael in Illinois.

14 06 2011
Chris Gill

Anyone who does the trail without wheels deserve some respect. They may be crazy, but they deserve respect.

16 06 2011

So burly. I’m so proud. Best of luck on the rest of your journey! Can’t wait to read more about your trip.

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