That one time in Plattsburgh. Photos from 5/31

3 06 2011

Under blue skies and a huge eagle, the Rough Water Gypsies gave it their all and made it to Plattsburgh. Leaving canoes and signature blue gear barrels by the shores of the Saranac river, they spend their time doing what they do best: just being a hilarious bearded rag tag bunch of scrunched up drifters with tired bones yet excited hearts. Ah yes, these lads are really doing something special.

These photos were taken in the waterfront park right in downtown Plattsburgh. Lake Champlain peaks out from under a railroad bridge close by. Water levels still crazy high. Everything is great.

Guest photographer and writer: Grant Haynes




One response

6 06 2011
rob beesh

looks like your havin quite the time boys! made this the homepage so i can get my gypsy updates on the daily! lovin it!

p.s. Evan, im diggin those suspenders in them pictures.

sendin love to the rough water gypsies!

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