Last night on Champlain?

3 06 2011

Big night and day today! We were visited by Alli, Caylen, Maddie, Olivia, and Alex last night… What a s’more show! The gypsies want to extend a gypsy thank-you for the re-ration, the fine ale, the company, and the good laughs!
We were extremely glad we crossed south hero yesterday, as the wind would have been unmanageable otherwise. We are currently situated on the tip of North Hero island, and the weather tomorrow looks perfect for the final short trip to the mighty mouth of the Missisquoi and a push for Swanton.
In other news, we ran into Nicole Grohoski, the first female through paddler in 2006, today. Quite the coincidence.




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7 06 2011
Nicole Grohoski

Thanks for the shout-out, fellas! It was awesome to see you along your way – good luck finishing up the Missisquoi and beyond. See you in the Allagash… with a pair of sandals! Don’t paddle too fast, ’cause we won’t be up there until the 28th. The cabin is at Lock Dam, fyi. Until then, paddle and be merry, gypsies!


P.S. The wheel and axle is but a simple machine, much like the lever (e.g. canoe paddle). Just food for thought before your 24-mile hiking trip…

9 06 2011

shit I missed you by a day

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