The elements of lake crossing are as follows:

2 06 2011

Wind: after a layover due to a heavy breeze the boys got an early start and rode the waves across the lake. We skirted Cumberland Head and crossed south of the ferries, paralleling their course.
Water: the water was waving, the waves were willing, with them at our back the crossing was thrilling.
Earth: surfing our way into land, we disembarked with a bit too much gusto and Ev and Alex felt that a small hole in the hull would help cement the occasion in our memories. A quick three mile portage later the gang is sitting in Vt’s state park of the year (2010, and 2011 hopefully). We expect a few friends from Burlington as we wait for the canoe repair to finish!
We’re pumped to be in our second state, and we can’t wait to start paddling upstream.




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2 06 2011

Looking forward to a re-supply rondezvous on Saturday or Sunday June 11 or 12 in northern Vt or NH. Will bring full complement of BBQ from Big Fatties to replenish energy reserves. Give me a heads up and I can hang out until you float by.

2 06 2011
Wes Webb

wicked pisssssssahhhhhhhh

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