We’re Back!

28 05 2011

We’ll its been a couple of crazy days, but we have made it to Saranac Lake and are making a quick stop to blog and refuel.  Every one is still in high spirits, and other than Wes’ small cold and a few aches and pains, we are all in one piece.  We want to thank the “Outpost” in Saranac Lake for letting us use their internet, and also Billy Mac for writing the last post in our stead.

On to the news (pictures at the end):

Our first day ended about five miles in, as we realized we couldn’t make the first carry and camp in an appropriate amount of time.  Besides, early to bed, early to rise!  That day we made a quick thank you list to send out, here goes:

Thank you

  • Mom’s and Dad’s for supporting and helping us, and especially Mom’s for letting us go.
  • Reed Laverack for letting us sleep and trip prep in his apartment.
  • Bill Mac for giving us a ride to the put in, and for keeping up with the blog!
  • The St. Lawrence University Outing Program for lending us gear, especially Dan for his help.
  • The SLU Outing Club for lending us boats and great friends!
  • Raquette River Outfitters for some support and help!
  • Wear-On-Earth for one freeze dried meal.
  • B.R. for some cans of tuna.

I hope that’s everyone!

Day 2 was 25 miles of paddling and 3.3 miles of portaging.  Some of the worst bugs in our lives, black flies…

Day 3 was 20 miles and another 3 or so of carries.  Some strange happenings!

  1. 2 Bald Eagles just above our first set of class II rapids
  2. We tied the canoes together and fashioned a sail from a tarp and two extra paddles for the first half of Long Lake (record time!)
  3. Hail.  Actually the size of golf balls. (though most was smaller, see photo)
  4. Tang Mock-tails with hail for ice. How refined, exquisite, rare, divine… nectar cooled by the gods.
  5. Seeing neon green puffs of pollen rising from the trees on Long Lake the color of tennis balls.  None of us had seen that before.
  6. And last but not least, a dinner salad with Wes’ bacon (from the pig he butchered) and noodle carbonara (spl.?).

Day 4 lead us to 17.8 miles, with 2.4 miles of carries.  For those keeping track, each carry requires two trips, so this one was 7.2 miles of walking.

“Not very stony for a place named “Stoney Creek” Evan quipped about an hour and a half before we returned from our first epic up-stream battle, the wrong way.  We went over and under and through trees to realize that the creek was some unnamed tributary.  Our zest for adventure definitely led us astray that time.

Silas called it a hiccup, Evan said it was more like a belch, and Wes said nothing.  Although Evan had the map (making it his “fault”) we also blamed Silas for trusting Evan with anything remotely important.  Evan has now been reduced to one job that he is good at, keeping up the group moral.

Later I watched Wes stroking and flailing furiously to rid himself of the gnats covering the real “Stoney Creek,” and the day ended with another afternoon Thunderstorm while we were portaging the boats.  Tough day.

Day 5 has led us 17 or so miles to Saranac, some beautiful terrain, and a bit more paddling.  We hope to restock quickly, so that’s all we have time for.  Check in again soon!

writing for the Rough Water Gypsies,

Alex “Head of propaganda” Comeau

Two Eagles

Sail down Long Lake

Silas, the proud one

Young Patriots

Two paddlers sporting the colors, look at a rusted flag pole with a sat dish and the American flag caught in the branches of a tree... What is the fate of America today?


Hail...Hail to the chief...






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29 05 2011
The Big Der

You have already made it further than I did. KoKo sends her best.

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