Put-in at Old Forge!

25 05 2011


Today is the day: we are leaving Canton, Reed Laverack’s abode, and The Outing Club at 58 Park Street this morning, May 24, at 9 am.  We have been fortunate enough to have Billy McNamara’s help as the Pre-trip Preparator yesterday and today.  Bill, also a recent (as in two days ago) SLU graduate and member and resident of the Outing Club is working on a farm in Dekalb for the first part of the summer before heading off to the ocean and a job in Acadia National Park in Maine, and has been assisting us with transportation for numerous last minute shopping trips to ensure we head off in style, as well as belaboring our seemingly constant postponement of departure.  Bill is pulling the SLU Outing Club trailer with our canoes, barrels, and gear down to Old Forge before an about-face back to Canton.

We arrive in Old Forge at approximately 1 pm (Bill’s Jeep did not appreciate the trailer or long drive) after having a last  lunch at the Hard Times Cafe and Bar in a preceding town.  We indulged in hot wings and cheese steak subs, as well os ogling pretty girls as an anticipatory reward.  At the put-in, we unexpectedly run into a SLU friend Ben Rogers hard at work loading canoes and kayaks into a U-Haul for his employer Mountain Made in Old Forge.  We unload the car, strap our carabiner and key ring personal systems to the canoe seats, load the canoes up, and stop to read the North Forest Canoe Trail sign and register in the book.  Team Black Cat from Georgia started the NFCT on 4/29!  Gotta catch em (good luck…).  We paddle around the bend leaving a jealous and wistful Bill waving goodbye on shore.

Final Packing

The Gear

The Rough Water Gypsies from left to right: Wes "The Fraud" Norton, Alex "Tortured Artist" Comeau, Silas "Polar Bear" Streeter, Ev "Dude" Haynes

We're off!

Assuming we make it through our first night alone, we should reach our first portage tomorrow, May 25.  Stay tuned!

-Rough Water Gypsies




4 responses

25 05 2011
Dan McDonnell

Hey–do you guys mind if I forward you blog address on to a few other people and the SLU Fac/Staff? Whats yours start and end points and dates?

28 05 2011

hey dan, no problem, sorry it takes a couple days to reply.

we started last tuesday at old forge, and we hope to be done on july 1st at fort kent maine.

Alex C.

26 05 2011
Chris Gill

Good luck lads, The weather seems to finally getting better, the bug situation should improve by mid June and the water levels have come down from the record floods. Don’t worry about catching Team Black Cat, they finished several days ago. I’m looking forward to reading about your adventure, I hope you can post often.

28 05 2011
tom duca

“portage is just another word for torture” hope you are lovin life!!! (stupid rain and storms here, you?)

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