Goodnight Fans!

24 05 2011

Well, we sit with Ben Rendall and Jake Colony after dinner and the trip really begins.  Silas is describing his time fixing the “fire-irons” to the group’s general laughter.  Apparently sawing and hammering the metal poles used for sitting our pots above the fire was quite the harrowing ordeal.

This evening, due to a paucity of bowls, we all ate from the same serving platter.  Pasta with homemade pesto and sun-dried tomatoes, Yum!  We felt closer as we experienced real “on-water” team-bonding, as I’m sure we’ll call it.  Evan is holding the pepperoni and pondering heading to local watering hole, as Wes tells him “No, that’s not wholesome!”  We are thrilled to be free of all vices for the next six weeks.  Between the rest of you and ourselves, I am really looking forward to winging it and just getting out there.

We had a busy day!  Finished outfitting the canoes and made a couple trips to the local outfitters for last minute gear.  Wishing you all a good night, we’ll be in touch!

-the Rough Water Gypsies




One response

24 05 2011
tom duca

yahoo!!!! happy paddling, take pics and keep a journal :))

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