Last Day In Canton!

23 05 2011


We are currently finishing our preparations to leave tomorrow.  I’m sitting in Reed Laverack’s living room, who has graciously hosted the first gypsy commune as we ready our boats and minds.

Standing at the edge of the stairs is Cam Holland, experienced canoeist and firm man-friend.  Sitting next to Cam, Reed is swapping stories and laughs about various adventures and trips.  Cam has been providing us with information, advice and ideas that we have implemented at our own discretion.  I write for the group in saying that we have been grateful for Cam’s input.

As of now the trip occupations are as follows:

Wes Norton (Navigator and Chandler/”Sue”-Chef)

P. Alex Comeau (Head Scribe, and Medical Officer)

Evan Tear Haynes (Expedition Therapist, and System’s Dialer)

Silas Streeter (Chief Petty Officer, and Admiral of Woodsmenship)

Currently Wes is concerned about the quality of our meal, and Silas is debating him over the quantity of said meals.  We have chosen to make the first three to four day journey with food as is.  Meaning that we will buy only a few food-stuffs before we leave.  We found and scrambled together almost a weeks worth of food before we started our final packing sessions.

It’s lunch now so I’ll sign off here, but there is more to come later!

-P. Alex




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